Terms Of Sales

Refund policy
It is not completely uncommon for custom prints to arrive flawed. Back Stitch Fabrics will do its best to make its members aware of any flaws prior to sending out orders, but there may be certain flaws that are too small to catch when cutting a large amount of orders. In the event that this should happen it will be determine if there will be a full or partial refunds given depending on the flaw. Please note that issues such as smudging, defects, small holes, ect. along the selvage does not constitute as a flaw. We guarantee fabric that is 56" wide. We print on fabric that is 63" wide. Therefore, any flaw within 7" on either side of the selvage is not considered a flaw due to the remaining 56" width being usable. Any flaw that can be covered by a quarter per yard of fabric will not be considered refundable. Any yard with multiple small flaws, or a large flawed area will be refunded at $.55 per inch of fabric that is flawed along each 36" length. Also, please note that slight fading of fabrics after washing is not a flaw and you will not be issued a refund for this. We can not control how you choose to wash your fabric and are therefore not responsible for the outcome of your wash routine. We are not responsible for how you choose to prep and handling your fabric. 

Fabric is cut at a minimum of 38 inches. The extra fabric is given to allow fabric to relax after cutting. Refunds will not be given after washing and shrinking occurs.

Each customer will have 7 days to inspect their order to insure quality is to their satisfactory. If you happen to find any flaws or have other concerns, we ask that you please contact us on our Facebook page or send an email so we may replace or issue partial/full refunds. Any issues or problems with your order that is addressed after the 7 days is not eligible for replacement or refunds. Any issues need to be addressed before washing, cutting, or altering the fabric in any way. No refunds or replacements will be given at anytime after the fabric has been altered from it's original condition. 

Back Stitch Fabrics is not responcible if your order is damaged in anyway during shipping. We do everything we can to securely package your order to insure it arrives to you undamaged. If you would like extra shipping coverage on your order please leave a note on your purchase and you will be invoiced for it. Please remember that Back Stitch Fabrics is not responsible for packages once they are shipped. This includes undelivered packages. Once your package shows movement we can not be responsible for the condition it arrives or the time frame it takes to reach you.
Terms of service
These are custom designed and printed fabrics that can take an estimated 6-8 weeks to arrive to me from the printer. I will also need additional time for cutting and shipping orders. After I receive the fabric, I will start cutting and filling orders ASAP. If you are uncomfortable waiting this time frame, please do not place an order at this time. Most likely there will be limited retail available after pre orders are filled that will be ready to ship. Any prints that are an inspired print is just that. It is my or my artist's interpretation of characters , themes, and or concepts. In no way am I affiliated with the original host companies.   
By placing a pre-order you are automatically agreeing to this policy. It is up to you to fully read the policies and/or any associated information related to pre-orders prior to completing your purchase(s). At anytime I have the right to adjust or amend any of the statements listed below.

By placing a pre-order you are agreeing to purchase an item that is not on hand and ready to ship. You understand that there is a waiting period and you have agreed to this wait by completing your purchase. Refunds will not be issued because you feel the wait is too long. Back Stitch has listed an average wait time of 8-12 weeks for prints to come in. Additional time will be needed to process and ship all orders. This time frame is based on the total amount of fabric ordered for that round. Small rounds will ship sooner that larger rounds. Circumstances that can cause this time frame to be extended are supplier holidays and delays passing through customs.

We ask that if you have questions or concerns about any orders that you first email or contact a Back Stitch team member to address these matters. Any PayPal dispute(s) filed without first contacting a Back Stitch Fabric team member through Facebook or though email, will result in issued refund(s) for all current orders. Additionally you will no longer be able to purchase from Back Stitch Fabrics. You will also be remover from all Back Stitch groups.